While Flaky relaxes in a hammock near a pile of freshly raked leaves, a young Brushy mows the lawn. One of the blades of the lawn mower hits a brick, however, and prevents Brushy from continuing her task. She bends down and tries to remove the brick while the lawnmower is still running, but luckily Flaky sees this and rescues Brushy before anything bad happens. Flaky places Brushy on the hammock, removes the brick from the lawn mower, and proceeds to mow the lawn herself.

Flaky eventually comes upon broken glass and syringe needles in the yard, which she unknowingly runs over with the lawn mower. The debris that flies out from under the lawn mower cuts into Brushy's skull, killing her, and knocking her body off of the hammock. Flaky then walks up, raking a few loose leaves into the nearby pile. A gust of wind reveals that Brushy's body lay hidden beneath the pile.


  • Brushy has her head sliced apart by various debris shot out from under Flaky's lawn mower.