Name: Adaliah
Gender: female
Species: rabbit/alligator
Colors: sandy grey
Interests: finding her father, avenging her mother, friends.
Friends: TBA
Enemies: TBA
Love interests:
First Appearance:
Adaliah is a fan character made by User:Fenton Menace.

Biography Edit

Adaliah was born to a rabbit in Israel, however she had some traits of an alligator, those being her eyes, teeth, claws, and tail. She was often picked on school for this, being called "monster." However, she never knew her father, she asked her mother about her traits, but she said that she was married to a alligator but he died in the army.

When she was older, her mother was murdered, she found a recording saying that her father isn't dead, rather she used to work for her father in an agency, and they had a relationship. But she wasn't able to tell her who he, but gives her a hint to help find her father in a journey.

She wants to be reunited with her father, and seek help from him to find her mother's killer.

Personality Edit

She is stubborn, snarky, and determined. But she is nice to people shes very close too. She does have limits and boundaries, and she will make examples of what will happen if people try to break them.

The thing she wants the most in life, is finding her dad. As well as finding her mother's killer and killing him/her.

Appearance Edit

She wars her mom's white sailor outfit, with a long black cloak over it. She has brownish-red hair.

She wears a large metal case on her back. She also wears black glasses.

Abilities Edit


She has a scythe that also has scissors for its blades. The scythe once belonged to her mother, but it now belongs to her. She uses the scissor part of the scythe to cut her enemies, and weapons. She is experienced and mastered in scythe combat.


She has telekinetic powers, meaning she can control objects with her mind.

Trivia Edit

  • Death created her since he wanted to know what it was like to have a family, rather than having a demi-goddess to success her in case abaddon were to return.

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