Adam Conover
Name: Adam
Gender: Male
Species: Crow
Colors: Dark grey
Interests: Comedy, telling facts, his TV show, correcting misconceptions
Friends: .
Enemies: .
Love interests: .
First Appearance: TBA
Adam Conover is a crossover character from the comedy/educational series, Adam Ruins Everything.

Characteristics and BiographyEdit

Adam Conover is a dark grey crow that runs his own TV show.

Adam likes fixing misconceptions by bring out facts from various sources. He shines light on "popular false impressions and trends, debunking false ideas that pervade in American society.", but he attempts to fix to the viewers. His topics range from how lie-detectors don't actually work, herpes not being that scary, funerals being a scam, divorce not being that bad, etc.

To many tree friends, he has a nuisance due to his "annoying" facts. He is also shown to be abrasive considering he "ruins everything".

Adam seems to have some kind of supernatural power, which he says is "TV magic". This can also be passed on if he realizes he didn't know something, as "who has the knowledge has the power". This power can allow him to teleport into technology, change the art style, etc.






  • He was originally a dolphin, but his design was too hard to work with.
  • Crows are one of the smartest birds.
  • Unlike most tree friends, he speaks in clear english.
  • Every time he tells a fact, a source pops up on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • When he appears onscreen, his jingle plays (only the whistle, however).

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