All Knotted Up
Season: 2
Writer: Spongebobfan123
Length: 2:00
Death Count: 1






Armor is seen walking down the street and he grabs the back of his shoulder in pain. We see that it is sore, so he goes to Necky's doctor office to get the knot out. Neckly welcomes him inside and decides to see him right away.

Armor goes into the back room with Neckly and turns around. Neckly sees the knot in his back and gets out a stick and prods at it. Armor flinches and yells in pain, which worries Flare who hears him from the waiting room. Neckly tries rolling the stick on Armor's shoulder to get the knot out but it doesn't work. Neckly sighs as she tries again, making Armor scream in pain. Flare hears this from the waiting room and panics, causing him to flip out.

Neckly fails to remove the knot and breaks the stick in anger. Flare bursts into the room, and Neckly complains that the knot is impossible to get out before stomping off. Flare just pauses, but then takes his knife and cuts open Armors' shoulder. Armor yells in pain as we see him prick the bulging muscle with his knife and finally flattening it. Flare looks on as Armor turns around and gives a thumbs up since his shoulder no longer has the knot in it, but he promptly dies of blood loss.


  • Armor dies of blood loss.


  • Many fans find the muscle scene hard to watch.
  • Terry can be seen in the waiting room.
  • Flare for some reason, doesn't kill Armor directly, instead he just gets the knot out of his shoulder.

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