All to Myself
Season: 1
Writer: Spongebobfan123
Length: 3:15
Death Count: 3

All to Myself is a Splashy Sea Friends episode.





Floats is seen floating about when he suddenly sees Dropply. He swims over and talks to her and she is friendly to him. Floats instantly becomes obsessed and suddenly wraps his stingers around her and drags her away. As he does Dropply screams for help and Spike hears her.

Spike decides to get Snowy's help and they go after Floats. The blue jellyfish is hiding in a old abandoned ship and has Dropply tied to a chair. Dropply continues screaming as Floats holds coral flowers in front of her face. Snowy enters the ship and Floats throws a piece of wood at him. It misses him and hits Spike in the eye instead, killing him. Snowy freaks out and goes outside to calm down and avoid flipping out.

Floats, now alone with Dropply again, tries to woo her by cutting off one of his own stingers, to make it deformed like Dropply's fin. This only makes Dropply more freaked out and she screams. Snowy, who fails to keep his composure finally flips and charges inside. Floats pushes Snowy back and, as a last resort to win Dropply's love, tries beating his head in with a rock to make his eyes like hers. Dropply gives a horrified look as she finally wiggles free. Snowy charges towards Floats and pushes him. Disheartened, Floats lets Snowy kill him as Dropply watches. Dropply swims away quickly. Before the episode ends, Snowy is shocked by Floats' stingers.


  • Spike is impaled in the eye
  • Floats lets Snowy kill him with a rock.
  • Snowy is electrocuted.


  • Floats cuts off one of his stingers.
  • Floats beats his head in with a rock.

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