Name: Ambrose
Gender: Female
Species: Flying Squirrel/Bear hybrid
Colors: Light Green, Dark blue
Interests: Spy training, karate
Friends: Marina
Enemies: Chipper
Love interests: Pop Rock
First Appearance: TBA
Ambrose is a fanmade Next Gen Oc created by User:Shiny Snivy. She is apart of Purpleverse.

Personality Edit

Ambrose is much like her father. Both can be selfish, attempt to save others and unintentionally kill others. Amy, however, has no super powers, and relies on her animal instincts to help "save" others.

Relationships Edit

With Splendid Edit

They have a neutral relationship, but Ambrose loves her father, despite their many differences.

With Flippy Edit

Amy loves listening to her motherly-father's war stories, and how he fought alongside his closest friends, Mouse Ka-Boom and Sneaky.

With Grant Edit

She thinks her older twin brother is a wuss, but loves him nonetheless. They often train in karate together.

With Arai Edit

She and her brother get along pretty well, and often joke around about other HTFs.

Trivia Edit

  • Amy is 16 years old
  • She was born on February 7th
  • Amy is a black belt in karate, like her brother and creator
  • She does not have any superpowers, unlike her brothers and father

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