Ambrosia is fan made HTF character.


Ambrosia is a Wolf-vampire with grey fur and rainbow details on her body. She loves rock music and plays guitar, she also can sing a little bit. She isn't very nice too other HTFs, she can be very aggressive to people who insult for music and tries to hurt them. She very stubborn and really hates people who dislike rock music, they really annoy her and she insults them.

She does care about her friends alot and is looking for a girlfriend. She did have a girlfriend called Dangie but she broke up with Ambrosia. Ambrosia tries to avoid her ex-girlfriend. 

Altough she is a vampire, she is not immortal she can be killed just like any other normal HTF character.



Esther is one of Ambrosia's friends. They both love rock music and dark stuff.


Lovely is Ambrosia's closest friend. Not only she loves they love the same things, they also get along very well. Ambrosia understand Lovely's personality and is one of the few people who don't call Lovely Unloved Dog.


Ambrosia doesn't know Trashy very good but they do get along with each other.

Bad MonkeyEdit

Ambrosia and Bad Monkey really hate each other. Not because Bad Monkey hates her music but it's because their both pretty aggressive and when one of them is frustrated the other one tries to get into a fight with them.


Rosey hates rock music and this is why Ambrosia hates her. They often have discussions about music but they don't and in a fight since Rosey hates fighting.


Ambrosia and Greg are not really enemies, they just don't get along very well. The reason for this is that Ambrosia often insults Rosey (Greg's girlfriend).

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