Name: Anthrax
Gender: Male
Species: Bacteria
Colors: Red
Interests: Helping others
Friends: Scrawly, Hidey
Enemies: tba
Love interests:  ???
First Appearance: tba


Anthrax is a red Anthrax virus that is somewhat serious. He is long and stringy and is able to stretch his body for a distance.

Anthrax is actually friendly and likes to help others. He has PTSD and will turn to a evil state and kill other mirco friends. He doesn't enjoy his fact and wants to try and cure his PTSD. He seems to flip out when he sees something traumatic or very emotional. When he isn't dealing with this, Anthrax likes helping others and comforting them. Ironically, he is very wise in mental health and psychology but he seems unable to use it in his own life.

As of now, it is unknown what he has PTSD from, but it may be revealed in a later episode.

Actual virusEdit

Anthrax is a disease that can affect the skin and digestive system. It is usually lethal however there are now vaccines for it. The virus is long and stringy.





  • He was used in a previous series from another Wiki called "Mini Micro Friends".
  • He is the only character to have the same name as the bacteria he is based on.

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