Name: Arai
Gender: Male
Species: Bear/Flying Squirrel hybrid
Colors: Mint Green/Gold Yellow
Interests: Swearing, flying, his super-strength
Friends: Glacial
Enemies: Pretty much everyone else
Love interests: None (?)
First Appearance: TBA
Arai is a fanmade Next Gen Oc created by User:Shiny Snivy. He is apart of Purpleverse.

Personality Edit

Arai is the opposite of his twins; rude, selfish and swears...A LOT. He does not have many friends because of this, but pretends not to care. His only friend is Glacial, and he is secretly glad to have such a trusting and helpful friend.

Relationships Edit

With Flippy Edit

As a child, Arai love listening to his dad's war stories. He loved hearing the brutal and violent parts, and they still are close today.

With Splendid Edit

Splendid taught him how to control his strength, but their relationship isn't too great.

With Ambrose Edit

Their relationship is well, considering Ambrose's selfishness and Arai's rudeness. They support each other well as siblings, and love each other.

With Grant Edit

Arai protects and supports his brother, and constantly questions him, as Grant tends to hide his feelings (good and bad) and not tell anyone if he's getting bullied.

Trivia Edit

  • He is named after the God of swearing
  • He is 16 years old
  • Arai was born on February 7th

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