Artemas is a fan made HTF character.


Artemas is a blue unicorn wearing a purple cape. He can be summoned by anyone that has the blue stone that he wears on his cape, the one that wants to summon him has to hold the stone and say his name 3 times. When he is summoned he will do anything his master wants him to do even if he doesn't want to. Artemas is mostly very loyal to his master but sometimes trick them if they don't pay enough attention to his ways of dealing with things, he often does this to provide his master from doing harm to others.


  • The name 'Artemas' means "(a) follower" which discribes his tasks perfectly.
    • The name 'Artemas' originally meant "follower of the goddess Artemis".
  • Artemas was originally meant to be evil with a more dark design.
  • He was originally going to be called Sapphire because of his blue appearance and the blue stone he has.

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