Name: Augustus
Gender: female
Species: rattlesnake
Colors: shades of brown, gray, and black
Interests: friends, people who understand, sympathetic and empathetic people
Friends: Aiden, Aurora, Clesta.
Enemies: her assaulter, people who don't understand her.
Love interests: TBA
First Appearance:
Augustus is a original fan character made by User:Fenton Menace.

Biography Edit

Augustus is a rattle snake from happy tree city, her life was decent, she was very calm, positive, and forgiving. However, when she was 13, she was brutally raped, stabbed in her left eye, and left for dead. She survived, and as a result she was diagnosed with PTSD. Shes shy, worried, she can easily get mad, and she is always vigilant. The people she trusts the most she told them her story, and they didn't understand.

Augustus however, is a nice person to people who are the closest to her. To strangers, she doesn't speak and tries to go unnoticed. She rarely smiles in front of other people, but she smiles and laughs when she's with her friends however.

She secretly has telekinesis, and no one knows this, except for one person. That one person, is someone she doesn't wish he knew.

Personality Edit

Before she was 13, she was a calm, happy, and forgiving person. She was always positive and was rarely mad. However, after she was raped and left for dead, she became shy, worried, vigilant, and tends to get mad. She doesn't trust a lot of people since the people she was close to told them her story, and didn't understand her and told others. Thus she has a few friends.

Around her friends, she is happy, comfortable talking to them, and she values them a lot and is overprotective.

Appearance Edit

She wears sweat pants, a white tank top, and a denim jacket over her tank top. She has black hair with red dye. Her hair is long enough that it reaches her shoulders, she has her hair covering her left eye. She has cuts all over her body.

Trivia Edit

  • Originally she was a kirin and had a similar outfit style to prince, but her creator changed it since he was no longer satisfied with her design.
  • She has gymnophobia, the fear of nudity. She doesn't take showers often and can go for a month before taking one.

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