Back Off my Girls!
Season: 2
Writer: Spongebobfan123
Length: 4:45
Death Count: 4






The episode begins with Peridot walking into Sharky's house. She sees Lapis and Sharky looking upset so she asks them what's wrong. Sharky gets up and walks over to the computer and shows her Pervy's Website, which has pictures of them on it and a few mean comments. Peridot becomes enraged and vows to take revenge on Pervy.

Peridot is then seen in her room punching a punching bag with Pervy's picture on it. She finally stops however and decides to go sleep with Sharky and Lapis. The next morning Peridot goes down into town and looks around angrily for Pervy. She is so mad that she walks into the street without looking and Laurens crashes into her. Because she is an alien, she survives. When she gets out from the rubble she sees Disco Bear and clenches her teeth angrily since he insulted Lapis and Sharky on the site. She charges towards him and punches him, but due to her strength she punches him into a shop window, severely cutting him. She is shocked, but then she laughs and runs off.

Peridot then looks near the cafe and finds several tree friends inside, including Cuddles. She suddenly sits down in Cuddles' booth as he is slurping soup. Cuddles just raises an eyebrow at her, but Peridot picks up the soup bowl and dumps it on Cuddles' head. Cuddles screams in pain and Peridot laughs, but she ends up getting kicked out of the diner.

Luckily for her, she finds Pervy just outside the diner. Peridot begins slapping a very confused Pervy into the street. She then gets a different idea and runs inside to where Lammy and Giggles are. She is seen talking to them and then she points to Pervy. Lammy and Giggles suddenly become very angry and storm outside as Peridot watches happily. Lammy shouts at Pervy and Giggles almost punches him. Not paying attention to the road, Giggles gets run over by a truck as Lammy and Pervy narrowly miss it. Pervy puts his hands up in defense as Lammy and Peridot look at him and then each other.

The scene changes to Pervy's house where he is seen deleting the website as Lammy and Peridot watch. Peridot cheers and runs outside to tell Lapis and Sharky. Back inside, Lammy has somehow killed Pervy as his head is smashed into the computer. Lammy drops Mr Pickles and screams as the episode ends.


  • Laurens is killed in a car crash.
  • Disco Bear is impaled with glass shards
  • Giggles is hit by a truck.
  • Pervy has his head smashed into the computer.


  • Cuddles has hot soup splashed onto his face.

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