A few days before Halloween, Nutty is seen carving a pumpkin. After scooping out the flesh, he stops to read a manual, at which point Sticky curiously climbs into the pumpkin. Nutty then sticks a knife into the pumpkin, too late realizing his horrible mistake as blood spills on the floor.

Nutty and Petunia are seen weeping in the cemetery as Skittles tries to comfort them. Skittles frowns sadly and leaves as Nutty puts flowers on Sticky's grave. Petunia and Nutty then leave as well as it starts to rain. Once they leave we see lightning strike the gravestone and a small green hand rise out of the ground.

Nutty and Petunia get ready for bed when they hear a knock at the door. Nutty answers that screams as he sees Sticky. He begins to cry in joy as he picks her up. Petunia runs over and also hugs her happily. The couple is too glad to notice that Sticky is missing a leg and is decaying. The reunited family goes to bed together.

The next morning, Sticky disappears from her room so Petunia rushes outside to look for her. To her surprise she finds a zombiefied Flare, holding her. Petunia slowly approaches Flare and tries to take back Sticky. She does so, but Flare bites her. Petunia drops Sticky and and looks at her hand which is turning dark green. It spreads up her body untill she also becomes a zombie. The now zombie Petunia lurches into town with Sticky.

Once in town, Petunia approaches Bulky, and bites his head, tearing into his brain. Sticky hops onto Cakey's neck and bites him as well. Foxy suddenly appears and tries to stop them but Lumpy, who was planning on attacking the zombies with a leaf blower, accidently jabs it into her head instead. Foxy's head implodes and bits of her brain rain down from the sky. Some generic zombies come and gather the pieces while Lumpy, decides to have a taste.


  • Sticky is stabbed. (but is then revived)
  • Bulky's brain is eaten
  • Cakey's neck is bitten open
  • Foxy's head explodes.

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