Bad Blood
Season: HTFBreak
Writer: Spongebobfan123
Length: 0:41
Death Count: 1

Bad Blood is a HTF Break.





We see Peridot reading a book in Sharky's house when Sucks flies through the window. Peridot doesn't notice so Sucks gleefuly lands on her shoulder and strikes into her skin. She seems to have trouble finding a vein so she has to wiggle her proboscis.

Peridot suddenly notices, but Sucks flies backwards before she swats her. Sucks spits out Peridot's blood which is revealed to be green and gags. She sees Peridot approaching, so she quickly flies into the next room, landing on a blue patch of fur. Sucks is exhausted so she stabs the skin with her proboscis, only to gag again, since this blood is blue. Sucks grabs her neck and stumbles backwards into what appears to be a pool of water and promptly drowns.

We then see Peridot looking at Lapis' raised arm, with Sucks floating dead in her water patagiums. Peridot puts ointment on Lapis' bite. The ointment tube reads "HTF Break".


  • Sucks drowns.


  • Lapis and Peridot are bitten by Sucks.

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