Name: Bella
Gender: Female
Species: Greyhound
Colors: Black/White
Interests: Sleep, Food
Friends: Lapis, Gerrit
Enemies: tba
Love interests:  ???
First Appearance: tba


Bella is a retired racing Greyhound.

Being a Greyhound, Bella is able to run at very fast speeds. She was previously in a cruel racetrack where she was made to run daily. She even has a scar from it on her hip. Now that she is free, she enjoys sleeping and lazing around. She is generally a kind and smart character but a little quiet and reserved as well.

Bella's favorite activity by far is sleeping, and she gets agitated if someone disrupts her naps. She also has a extreme fear of heights, and can't even look out windows if she's above the second floor.





  • She is based on her creators deceased dog Bella, who was rescued from a race track.
  • Her fear of heights is based on the fact that the real Bella mistook a window for a kennel crate on her first night home. She jumped out the second story window, freaking out young SBF123 and her Mom, but miraculously, she was unharmed.

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