Name: Bill
Gender: male
Species: arctic wolf
Colors: white
Interests: serving justice, stopping crime.
Friends: Ventura
Enemies: Earl
Love interests: .
First Appearance: .
Bill is a fan character made by User:Fenton Menace.

Biography Edit

Bill was born in a poor neighborhood, so his family didn't have enough money to afford school for them. So they were home schooled. They were educated, but they were not taught about ethics. Thus, his brother Earl is a unethical person, while Bill is ethical since he got curious about society and it's views. Thus Bill became a more respectful man.

Bill, became a member of Earl's gang due to peer pressure, once he got up the ranks to work with his brother, he realized what kind of man he is. Thus he left and became a vigilante to stop his gang, and crimes committed by others and spread justice.

Bill works with Ventura since Bill thinks Trompy is living on empty promises. And ventura wants to test his promises.

Personality Edit

Bill is a man who is mysterious, and judgmental. Punishing criminals for their crimes and killing the criminals. He can't kill his brother since he can't bear to do so since he can't kill family as its morally wrong.

Appearance Edit

He wears a black cloak that covers his whole body, he wears black pants and a bullet proof vest underneath. He has magenta-dyed hair. He wears a skull mask that covers his whole head.

Trivia Edit


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