Name: Blackout
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon
Colors: Dark Blue
Interests: Reading, Protecting others
Friends: Sharky, Whirlwind
Enemies: ---
Love interests: Sobek
First Appearance: tba


Blackout is a Dark dragon who has solid eyes, rattled wings and spikes. He hails from the Skylands but now lives in Happy Tree Town.

Blackout is oftentimes judged based on his appearance, which can be upsetting to him. When he was young he was taken to a clan that soon began to abuse their powers and Blackout fought back against them, earning a Hero type title in his homeland. He doesn't believe that evil and the general look of darkness are related.

Sobek was one of the first to befriend him when he moved to town and they soon fell in love. They get along and like doing things together. Blackout can be very protective of him as well.

Due to his rattled wings, Blackout cannot fly like most dragons, he can only glide.





  • He is a crossover of the character from Skylanders.

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