Name: Bleed
Gender: Female
Species: Gargoyle
Colors: Grey
Interests: Forests, Moonlight, Reading
Friends: tba
Enemies: tba
Love interests:  ???
First Appearance: tba


Bleed is a grey gargoyle who isn't all that grotesque looking, therefore making her look similar to a bat.

Being an actual gargoyle however, isn't as fun as it seem. Bleed is only able to break out of her stone at night and is completely still during the day. Many people don't know she's a gargoyle and will keep her as a statue on their balcony or in the front of their house.

Along with this, when Bleed turns into stone all of her turns into stone. Meaning that even the insides of her body will turn to stone if her mouth is open, though it happens regardless to her inner ears, nasal passages and bottom. When night comes the stone shatters inside her and gives her internal bleeding. Bleed desperately wants to be free from this, and she tries to get others to help her.

Unfortunately Bleed has strong cravings for blood each night and will almost always blank out and focus on only feeding. She will attack anyone around her during this time and drain their blood. Despite Bleed wanting help, she usually is unable to ask for it.





  • She is Bisexual

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