Burning Rubber
Burning Rubber
Season: Halloween Special
Writer: HTForever333
Length: 3:15
Death Count: 3

Burning Rubber is a Halloween episode. 






The episode starts in a remote desert-y part of town. A car tire is seen buried in the sand. It suddenly starts rolling and stands up on it's side. Stella is standing nearby, and is shocked to see this. The tire rolls towards a small cafe and Stella chases after.

Along the way the tire suddenly stops. Missingno is on the side of the road and stares at it. Missingno's head suddenly explodes with blood splattering everywhere. Stella screams as the tire takes off. Deciding she needs to stop it, she awkwardly places a rock by Missingno's body to pay her respects and she then takes off after the tire.

At the cafe it is somewhat busy as Lumpy serves the customers and Tipper works in the power box to fix a light. Stella bursts in and tells everyone that a killer is coming. Everyone is shocked but when Esther asks where the killer is she points at the tire and everyone laughs at her. The tire is now still once more and Stella walks out of the cafe embarrassed.

The camera then zooms in on the tire as we also see Tipper working. Tipper is suddenly electrocuted several times. A few customers scream and Dash and Esther run outside. Trix, who was eating pancakes, panics and tries to dial help. As she calls 911 the phone statics and we hear a car tire going. Trix drops the phone and backs away slowly when she sees the tire inside the cafe. She backs up untill she is at a wall and the tire drives into her smashing her to the wall. The tire keeps spinning on her stomach until her skin bleeds and her intestines pop out of her mouth.

Stella, finally gaining more courage walks back into the cafe. Seeing the bloody mess she yells as Lumpy and Sharky just shrug. The tire then flies into Stella's face, killing her.


  • Missingno's head explodes.
  • Tipper is electrocuted.
  • Trix's stomach is skinned by the tire and her intestines are forced out of her mouth.
  • Stella is hit in the face with the car tire.


  • This episode is on the Fright Fest DVD.
  • This episode is based on the movie Rubber.
  • This is one of the few times Stella appears without Incubus.

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