Name: Buttery
Gender: Male
Species: Fox
Colors: Tan
Interests: Food, Writing
Friends: Thyra
Enemies: ---
Love interests:  ???
First Appearance: tba


Buttery is a Yellow/Tan fox who loves buttery flavors and foods.

As his name would suggest, he loves butter and puts it on food constantly. He pretty much enjoys anything on the savory side of the flavor spectrum and dislikes sweets. At restaurants he can be seen ordering meats, stratchy vegetables, soups, and cheesy pastas. He is also a very good cook, but he does not own a restaurant or product, he just cooks for himself.

Due to his diet, he has very high cholesterol, which means he is at danger for problems with his heart. He is sometimes seen trying to cut back, but these attempts fail since he cannot seem to enjoy fruits or plain bread/pastas.

He is good friends with Thyra, and likes bringing her food to keep her from getting too hungry. Buttery likes hanging out with her despite her being somewhat dangerous. It's possible he may have a crush on her, but since Thyra is lesbian it wouldn't be returned.

There are also a few exceptions to his obsessiveness for savory. For example, he puts ketchup on his fries, despite ketchup being somewhat sweet.






  • His 1st personality was being a little obsessed with pancakes, like a Nutty-sue type character.
  • He is heterosexual.

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