Carrie Sukanku Haya
Name: Carrie Sukanku Haya
Gender: Female
Species: Skunk
Colors: Purple, blue
Interests: Her girlfriend, satanic/dark entities
Friends: tba
Enemies: Preachy
Love interests: Nimesha
First Appearance: tba

Carrie is a purple and dull blue skunk who is said to have demonic powers. Her girlfriend is Nimesha.

Characteristics and BiographyEdit

Carrie has experience with dark magic and satanic entities since she was born. Thus, she has a small connection with the Underworld. She doesn't use her powers often, only when she or her girlfriend is in danger. She is possibly a reincarnation of a Satanic entity. This is why she is referred as the "Anti-Christ".

When angered, Carrie's eyes will glow a dark red color, similar to her left eye. However, when this happens, her abilities will go out of control. She is unable to control herself in this form and it would take her a long time to calm down. This happens rarely, however, since she is usually calm and laid-back.

Carrie has HLHS, a heart defect that causes the left side of her heart to become underdeveloped. Although she had been "cured", she doesn't have her parents or her family due to them having heart conditions as well. They either died from a heart attack or cardiac arrest. She refers this as a curse and she lives with Nimesha and her family.

Carrie cannot come into contact with holy forces or angels, as they could harm her. They could kill her in a small amount of time.


Surprisingly, Carrie is very calm and laid back. She usually just goes with the flow most of the time. Sometimes, she can come off as emotionless.


Carrie is a purple skunk with dull blue skunk stripes, inner ears, and belly marking. Her left eye is dark red while her other eye is black/normal. Her hair is black and very messy. She also has heavy bags around her eye.

Carrie wears a camo black and purple off-the-shoulder top and pants. She has 2 stud earrings on both of her ears and has a belly piercing as well.






  • She is 21 years old and was born on October 30th.
  • She is genderfluid.

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