Character Interviews - Clump
Season: Character Interviews
Writer: Spongebobfan123
Length: 1:00
Death Count: n/a


  • Cameraman: *Adjusting Camera* Hello there, Clump.
  • Clump: Oh...hello!
  • Cameraman: So Clump you're in the new spinoff Splashy Sea Friends correct?
  • Clump: Yea, I am
  • Cameraman: So what can you tell us about the show?
  • Clump: Well, it's all underwater. And my friends are in it!
  • Cameraman: Can you tell us about your friends?
  • Clump: Yeah! They're! Like me!
  • Cameraman: ...
  • Clump:  ...
  • Cameraman: Well thank you for the info Clump

(Interview Session Ends)


  • This interview is a promo for Splashy Sea Friends.

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