Christmas Shopping Simulator is a joke game made by Spongebobfan123. It is a platform that has intentionally broken graphics and movement for added humor. It is based on a real game that is the same.





The player starts at a telephone that will give out tasks. Players do not necessarily have to complete the tasks to see the games features, but it's required to finish the game.

Task DescriptionsEdit

1. Stampy loves stamps. Get him some, because he demands it.

2. Scythe wants to be a phoenix. Don't we all. Buy her a costume.

3. Toothy wants a realistic doll because he is normal. Get him the newest one.

4. You need some food. Raid the pretzel stand in the food court.

5. Snuffly still thinks the Tiger General is after her. Buy her some locks; it's cheaper than therapy.

Through the game there are numerous glitches that were intentionally left in. They include, awkward walking, phasing through certain walls, knocking other tree friends over when making contact, dragging the background characters, and falling from great lengths without injury. Sometimes the characters ears will disappear as well.

Fun FactsEdit

  • If you look into a dark alleyway behind the pizza shop in the food court, Flesh will eventually pop out.
  • You can kick characters by pressing 'K'. Sometimes they will fly across the room.
  • Gerrit will sometimes be seen dancing.

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