Christmas What?
Season: Holiday Special
Writer: Spongebobfan123
Length: 3:45
Death Count: 6

Christmas What? is a Christmas special. In this episode, Sharky teaches Lapis and Peridot about Christmas.






Peridot is walking through Sharky's house and seems confused by the Christmas decorations. Lapis also comes down the stairs and is surprised. The two of them go to the living room and find Sharky who is hanging decorations. Lapis and Peridot give a look of confusion and Sharky, realizing that this will be their first Christmas, explains to them about the holiday. They ponder a bit, so Sharky takes them into town.

In the center of town, a few tree friends are setting up a large Christmas tree. Lapis and Sharky look up in awe and Greg happily gives them ornaments. Lapis shrugs, but takes them and flies up to the middle of the tree. She hangs several with difficulty, which results in one falling and hitting Flamey. He screams and runs off as Peridot frowns.

Lapis floats back down and sees that everyone is bringing presents. Sharky explains the process of gift giving, and Peridot watches curiously. Greg then approaches Lapis and asks her if she can finish decorating the tree in it's entirety, since she can fly. Lapis is a little annoyed but politely accepts the offer. Greg hands her a bunch of lights and a star and then rushes off.

Lapis starts struggling with the lights. Annoyed, she takes the lights and ornaments, and quickly flies around the tree getting it decorated. On the other side of the tree however, Humps, is pressed to the tree, choking, having been tied up accidentally. Other tree friends soon arrive and look up at the tree happily. Lapis is unsure of where the star goes, but figures it out as the others cheer. As she tries to place the star, she notices Humps' body and screams.

She bumps the tree accidentally, and it begins to fall. It topples over, crushing the crowd below. Lapis, Peridot, and Sharky look on in shock at the mess. Greg comes back and stares, but then gives Lapis a present, which are revealed to be mittens. The four of them then sing around the fallen tree despite the disaster.


  • Humpy is strangled.
  • Cuddles, Scratches, Necky, and Neon are crushed by the tree.


  • Flamey's head is cut.

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