Name: Copper
Gender: Male
Species: Axolotl
Colors: Black
Interests: Protecting others
Friends: tba
Enemies: tba
Love interests:  ???
First Appearance: tba


Copper is a black and purple axolotl, who, as his name implies, is a policeman.

Copper is actually rather bad at his job, and he is only good at catching petty crimes, such a vandilisim. He rarely ever catches thieves or killers. He is clumsy on the workforce and has difficultly driving his cop car.

All of that changes when he flips out however. When he turns evil, he is able to kill and catch criminals easily. Oftentimes, episodes with him involve criminals or evil characters getting their just desserts, as Copper will kill them in gruesome ways. However, this comes with a price, as he will also murder innocent bystanders. To make matters worse, this is often times captured on security cameras, and due to Copper's dark skin blending in with the night, other tree friends think that Copper himself is doing this and want him to be fired from the police force.

It is unknown what Copper has PTSD from, but he is triggered by the sight of blood and unexpected gunshots. It's also unknown why Copper continues to work on the force if he is traumatized by such things.





  • He could possibly be inspired by the many recent acts of police brutality.
  • Since he is an Axolotl he is able to kill in ways that other characters (like evil Flippy) can't. He is able to climb on walls easily and he can breathe underwater.

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