Name: Corvus
Gender: genderless (depicted male, and male pronouns)
Species: raven
Colors: black
Interests: the suffering of others, chaos, disorder.
Friends: Death
Love interests:
First Appearance:

Corvus was a oc adopted by User:Fenton Menace.

Biography Edit

Corvus is one of the 3 original gods of the gods and goddesses, and the 2nd only remaining of the original 3, the other being Death. He is the god of evil and chaos. He is sadistic, being pleased by the suffering of others.

He has telekinetic powers, highly intelligent, and experienced with swords.

He wasn't always evil, when he was first created by Macon. He was meant to be a good god, however, when he witnessed Abaddon's immense power and the destruction he caused, Corvus was impressed and felt a greed of power and destruction. Overtime, he gave up acting good and became the god of evil. However, he was kept since Macon can't destroy anything unlike Abaddon (and abaddon was banished), and Macon realized that evil helps balance the scale and that people can learn from the evil of others.

Personality Edit

Corvus is a sadist, meaning he enjoys people who are in pain and injured. This also explains why he enjoys chaos.

Before Abaddon, he was a nice and kind god, who was polite and cooperative. After he witnessed the destruction caused by Abaddon, he had a lust for power and destruction. Thus, he became Corvus.

Powers Edit

Sword master Edit

Corvus, is a master with his Odachi named "Doom Bringer." He made the blade after he became evil to defend himself in case they attempt to confront him.

Telekinesis Edit

He is a expert at telekinesis, controlling almost every object with his mind.

Intelligence Edit

He is very intelligent, and manipulative. He uses his intelligence to deceive mortals, however this doesn't work on gods and goddesses.

Ultra Corvus Edit

Ultra corvus

He has a final form called "Ultra Corvus." He is more powerful, but he isn't very agile or able to use his sword in this form.

Trivia Edit

  • His name is latin for Raven.

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