Name: Death
Gender: genderless (depicted as male, and male pronouns)
Species: skeleton crocodile
Colors: white
Interests: taking souls from the dead in the mortal realm and guiding them to the afterlife.
Enemies: TBA
Love interests:
First Appearance:
Death is a oc created by User:Fenton Menace.

Biography Edit

Death was one of the original 3 gods and goddesses, he and Corvus are the only living gods from the trio. Death is one of the most powerful gods. He has the ability to decide the fate of others, where they go to in the afterlife, and even the fate of gods and goddesses, something every god and goddess aren't aware of, except Corvus since he was one of the original three gods and goddesses, and the only living one other than Death.

He has a list of people who will die, when they will die, and where they will go in the afterlife. However, immortals aren't on the list.. gods and goddesses aren't as well, since gods and goddesses know who's on the list.

Personality Edit

Death is always calm, polite, and very intelligent. He rarely shows anger. He always confronts those who died so he can take their souls to the afterlife. He also interacts with a few people who aren't gods or goddesses, most of the time its immortals.

Death is honest to the gods and goddesses, but he is secretive sometimes. Especially the fact that some of the gods and goddesses have their fates destined, however only Corvus knows but Corvus doesn't wish to tell them, and Corvus is rarely allowed to speak with other gods and goddesses except for Death and other evil gods and goddesses.

Relationships Edit

Corvus Edit

Death likes Corvus, but he punishes Corvus whenever he does things he isn't supposed to do (mostly its his interactions with mortals). Death and Corvus have known each other since they were both created.

More TBA Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He is obviously inspired by the grim reaper.
  • He rarely attacks mortals, immortals, and gods and goddesses. He only attacks if its absolutely necessary.

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