Death to the Bull
Season: 3
Writer: HTForever333
Length: 2:00
Death Count: 3






Preachy is seen on the corner of a street and he is talking to Slayer. He hands Slayer some money along with a picture of Tirek and Slayer nods, before backing away into the shadows. Preachy laughs heartily as he waves goodbye to Slayer.

Slayer goes to find his target and finds Tirek talking with Flippy and Greg. Tirek doesn't notice him so Slayer takes out a dagger and throws it. Tirek spots a dime on the ground however, and ducks to get it so the dagger impales Flippy instead. Greg screams and Tirek does as well when he notices. Greg tells Tirek to run and he does so.

Tirek runs down the sidewalk as Slayer follows him closely behind. Slayer gets out a gun and shoots at Tirek, but the bullet hits a pole and bounces off, killing Necky instead. Slayer sighs and runs faster, trying to catch up. Tirek actually stops however, and asks Slayer why he's doing this. Slayer looks around and pauses, before Tirek talks to him again and laughs. Slayer feels bad and sees how nice Tirek is so he decides not to kill him.

As Slayer listens to Tirek talk, he throws his gun into a nearby dumpster. It goes off and hits Preachy who was watching the whole time from an alley.


  • Flippy is impaled through the eye
  • Necky is hit by a bullet
  • Preachy is also hit by a bullet.

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