Delicate Jewel Feather
Name: Delicate Jewel Feather
Gender: Female
Species: Budgie
Colors: Light Blue/Black/White
Interests: Cartoon characters, drawing, helping others, getting good grades, making new friends, achieving goals*
Friends: TBA
Enemies: TBA
Love interests: Nero
First Appearance: TBA
Delicate J. Feather is the self insert/fursona of User:Shiny Snivy. She is a sophomore in high school, and aims to be a cartoonist or an animator when she grows up.

Personality Edit

Feather is shy, introverted and keeps to herself in public. She'll often isolate herself during free time, and draw. Her drawings reflect her current thoughts/feelings.

Delicate only has a few friends, and that's all she needs to be content. She is currently battling against her anxiety to make a new friend, since this will benefit her in the future, according to her mother. Feather sets up goals for herself mentally, and aims to complete them by a certain date. She sometimes succeeds, but other times, she lets her anxiety get the best of her.

Occupation Edit

As stated earlier, Delicate is an artist, specifically a cartoonist. She is often recognized in her school for her drawings, which she enjoys.

Feather plans to finish off her remaining two years of high school off with A's and B's. She wants to attend a college far from home, preferably the University of Florida.

Trivia Edit

  • She is 15 years old
  • She is seeing Nero in secret, the two vowed not to tell any friends or family about their relationship
  • Delicate's middle name is the name of the creator's first pet parakeet

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