Rachel "Derpsie" Bear
Name: Rachel "Derpsie" Bear
Gender: Female (can identify as any gender)
Species: Chinchilla
Colors: Periwinkle
Interests: Brownies, her friends, trance/electronica music
Friends: Shakra, Aurora, Zelena, Zephyr, Clesta, Aiden
Enemies: Lumpy, Nutty
Love interests: Paws
First Appearance: tba

Derpsie is a periwinkle chinchilla who has down syndrome. She is the adoptive daughter of Wolfle and Flippy and her adoptive brother is Mordecai.

Characteristics and BiographyEdit

Derpsie was born with down syndrome, a genetic condition that causes developmental and intellectual delays. Her real parents didn't know how to take care of her, so they gave her away for adoption. She was soon adopted by Flippy and Wolfle.

Due to her down syndrome, she has difficulty thinking and understanding things, trouble seeing properly, and she has a lower-than-average IQ (about 50). She is considered to to be more intelligent than Lumpy, however. She also has heterochromia and ambloypia, which could of been caused by her down syndrome.

In her spare time, Derpsie enjoys pastries, especially brownies. She also loves listening to trance or calm electronica music.


Derpsie is shown to be very clumsy at times since she can't see very well (as expected, this make her very accident prone). She is also easily confused and gullible. Many tree friends mess with her on purpose just to make her look stupid, as she seems to be easily tricked.

Regardless, she is a good friend overall, as she is sweet and kind. Many tree friends who do not know her have a hard time finding out what makes her tick, as she is generally fun-loving and happy most of the time.

She is also a bit socially awkward at times, since she always seems to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.


Derpsie is a periwinkle chinchilla with darker periwinkle inner ears. Her ears have a slight fluff to it. Her hair is a slight purplish-blue with lavender at the tips. Her tail also has a lavender tip. She has freckles and whiskers as well. Her left eye is sky blue and her right eye is light purple.

For her clothing, she wears a yellow shirt with blue pants. Her jacket is light purple like her right eye. She has a collar that's pure purple.






  • She is 13 years old and born on February 29th, which is a leap day.
  • She is also pansexual and genderfluid.
  • Her real name is Rachel, but she is commonly referred to as Derpsie (only her parents call her Rachel).
  • Derpsie's shirt and pants are the same colors used to represent Down Syndrome Awareness.
  • Derpsie doesn't like or trust Lumpy and Nutty.

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