Don't Flip Out
Season: ---
Writer: HTForever333
Length: 2:35
Death Count: 5
Don't Flip Out is a fan episode. In this episode, Flippy has a job as a waiter at a fancy restaurant.






Splendont is seen carrying Lifty to a fancy restaurant. They go inside together and take their seats. They read their menus and when they look up they see Flippy who has a bowtie. Splendont is a little concerned that Flippy is their waiter, but Lifty reassures him that everything will be fine. They order their food and Flippy leaves.

Flippy goes over to some more tables and then into the kitchen. He gets the orders confused and ends up bringing Flaky and Mime a pizza. They look at it confused but decide to eat it anyways. Flaky ends up burning her mouth however on the hot cheese. Flippy then goes over to Dash and Esther's table and gives them chocolate cake. They are also confused but decide to eat it.

Flippy then brings Lifty and Splendont their food. On the platter is a roast turkey and they both look at it hungrily. An explosion is suddenly heard however, and Esther screams as Dash has glass in her face. The chocolate is also sprayed across the room. Realizing that he must have put traps in the food Flippy panics but loses it and flips out completely. Lifty begins choking on a turkey bone and Splendont tries to get it out. He does, but Lifty also hacks up blood from Splendont squeezing him so hard.

Evil Flippy tries to attack Splendont, but Splendont flies out the window with Lifty. As other guests run out the door, Flippy kills Mime, Dash, Esther, and Sniffles. He then eats some bloody chocolate cake and sighs happily.


  • Flaky is burnt by hot cheese
  • Dash, Esther, Mime, and Sniffles are killed by Flippy
  • Lifty might have died of internal bleeding (debatable since he got out and might have gotten help)


  • Dash has her face impaled with glass
  • Lifty chokes on a turkey bone


  • Terry can be seen outside the restaurant
  • Flaky's death is very similar to Shifty's death in the canon episode Cheesy Does It

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