Name: Earl
Gender: male
Species: arctic wolf
Colors: white
Interests: sex with women, killing women, women.
Friends: His gang members
Enemies: his brother
Love interests: .
First Appearance: .
Earl is a fan character made by User:Fenton Menace.

Biography Edit

Earl was born in a poor neighborhood, they were unable to afford proper education so they were homeschooled by their father. So, his father taught him educational stuff, but nothing of ethics thus Earl gets the wrong messages from media, but he was a nice boy.

When he first had sex, he liked it, and tried to have more sex, but realizing that women wouldn't do so except for prostitutes, which he doesn't prefer them since he was taught he could get health problems. He started raping, and killed them since he knew it was illegal and he could go to jail.

Earl formed a gang of criminals just so he can get help to continue his sex addiction. He eventually came across Valeria and started dating her, he eventually raped her and killed her. But her brother Ventura is unaware Earl was behind this, neither does Earl know Ventura is her brother.

Earl eventually came across Augustus and he lured her in and did the same thing he does to other women. He then cut her all over her body and stabbed her in the left eye in hopes to kill her. But she survived, making her the only survivor.

Earl's brother Bill, hates Earl due to his treatment towards women and wants him dead, but he can't bring himself to do so since he can't kill his own brother.

Personality Edit

Earl is a misogynist, meaning he hates women. The only thing he finds useful of women is their reproductive organs, if they didn't have that, then women would be hunted for sport. Earl is very charismatic and uses this to lure his victims.

Appearance Edit


Trivia Edit

  • He is named after Earl Bradley, a pediatrician who molested several patients, most of which were young girls.
  • He has a survival rating of 0%

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