Element Spirits
Element Spirits are spirits who can control elements like Fire, Water, etc.


List of Element Spirit Characters


It is unknown how the Elements Spirits were created, it is possible that they were normal animals who died and became ghosts/spirits and then use elements to reform there body.


Elemental Spirits can not die of illness nor ageing. They can be killed by other Element Spirits, but only if the Element Spirits is weak against this other Element Spirit.

Weakness and StrengthsEdit

Ice BearEdit

Plant MonkeyEdit

Water HorseEdit

Stone CrocodileEdit

Sand JackalEdit

  • Weak against Water Horse.
  • Strong against Fire Porcupine.

Wolf SpiritEdit

Fire PorcupineEdit

Space SquirrelEdit

  • Weak against 'unknown'.
  • Strong against 'unknown'.

Chipmunk SpiritEdit

  • Weak against 'unknown'.
  • Strong against 'unknown'.

They can also be killed by the elements the Element Spirit they are weak against can constrol, for example Ice Bear can get crushed by a rock falling on her.

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