Evil DarkFire
Name: Evil DarkFire
Gender: Male
Species: Zebra
Colors: Dark Blue
Interests: Attacking, Gasoline
Friends: ---
Enemies: ---
Love interests: ---
First Appearance: tba


Evil DarkFire is the flipped out version of DarkFire that comes out when DarkFire is reminded of his past trauma. His flipped self is very skilled with spears and knives, since he used both of these weapons when in the war and while he was stranded.


Much like with Flippy and most other W.A.R. characters, DarkFire's "evil" side acts on survival instinct, as he feels the danger he felt in the war. He kills in self-defense, even though the danger he feels isn't actual danger.

Evil DarkFire's Episodes and Flip OutsEdit

(Under some editing)

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