Name: Flesh
Gender: Female
Species: Bakhtak
Colors: Yellow/Tan
Interests: Science, Experimentation
Friends:  ???
Enemies: Mostly everyone.
Love interests:  ???
First Appearance: tba


Flesh is a yellow bakhtak, a mythical creature that feeds on nightmares.

Flesh is known for being quite insane. She has a strong interest in the body and conducts experiments on other HTF's much to their horror. She is a psychopath, and has no care for others, often killing them if they are no longer of use to her tests. Her showing other emotions and empathy is possible but it is very rare.

Sometimes, others will come to her, if they want her to torture someone they don't like. For a fee, she will capture the unfortunate victim and conduct whatever tests she feels like.

Being a bakhtak, she has several unusual abilities. She has torn wing flaps, hollow eyes, and her body can't process regular food. To feed, she must sneak into other's homes and stand by their bed while they sleep. This will induce a nightmare that she can feed on.





  • She could possibly be inspired by Dr Josef Mengele a real life sadistic Nazi scientist.
  • She cannot stay in sunlight for more than 10 minutes, or she will start to burn.

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