Name: Flint
Gender: Male
Species: Bear
Colors: Green
Interests: Tv, Eating
Friends: ---
Enemies: ---
Love interests:  ???
First Appearance: tba


Flint is a green bear who is the son of Flippy and Evil Flippy. It is unknown how he was born, but because it was between Flippy and Fliqpy, he is severely deformed. His nose is split, his ears are shifted, he has a dented head, two heels on his left foot, and no stomach marking.

His brain is also damaged, and he is unable to speak correctly. He often has his hands in fists and punches things. He is bullied or feared by others and generally has a very sad life.

His parents, have differing thoughts on him. Flippy cares for Flint a lot, while Evil Flippy is distressed by his appearance, and would prefer to mercy kill him. They keep Flint alive for now and inside their house.




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