Fliqpy flippy
Type: Couple
This article covers the romantic shipping between Flippy and Fliqpy.

Info Edit

Flippy and his evil side are a surprisingly popular couple.

Many fans like this pairing because it is a "love-hate relationship". Some believe that Fliqpy wants to protect Flippy and that's why he takes over and kills the other Tree Friends. It is a very  couple as Flippy and Fliqpy are the same person/share the same body, however some fans do know this and still like the couple anyways.

Criticism Edit

Many haters point out that Fliqpy and Flippy are the same person. This is true, however, with how real the fight was to Flippy in "Autopsy Turvy/Double Whammy Part 2". It's not impossible to say that if he became more insane this "relationship" could seem just as real to him as well.

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