Type: Couple
This article covers the romantic shipping between Splendid and Flippy.

Info Edit

Flippy and Splendid is one of the more popular yaoi couples. They are mainly paired because of their "hero" personas, and because they would most likely be rivals if they were to meet in the show.

Fans ship them for a number of reasons, including they both would be considered good looking guys, (hero and a soldier), they both accidentally kill people, or simply because they would be at rivalry. When fans ship this couple it almost always includes Flippy's evil side as well.

Interactions In Fanon EpisodesEdit

The Wrong Side of the Tracks (HTForever333 version)Edit

In this episode the two are seen sitting next to each other on the roller coaster. Splendid also shows concern for Flippy when he gets injured on the ride.



Next Gen SeriesEdit


In Shiny's Purpleverse, Flippy and Splendid are married with triplets, Ambrose, Arai and Grant.

As for Flippy, his evil twin, Fliqpy, detaches from him and roams Happy Tree Town.


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