Flirty Kringle
Season: Kringles
Writer: Spongebobfan123
Length: 0:56
Death Count: 2





Several tree friends are seen at a holiday party with decorations. Flare is standing by a window and Petunia seems to take notice of him and smile. Taking a misiletoe, she walks over to Flare and lifts it over their heads. Flare, confused, looks away from Petunia as he is already taken, but Petunia wraps a wreath around his neck and tries to pull him in for a kiss.

Flare freaks out as this reminds him of being held captive in the war and he flips out. He breaks out of Petunia's grasp and rips off part of a Gingerbread house and cuts Petunia's chest open. Before the kringle ends, he throws a sharp shard at Nutty as well.


  • Petunia is cut down her chest.
  • Nutty is impaled in the head by a gingerbread shard.

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