Name: Floats
Gender: Male
Species: Jellyfish
Colors: Blue
Interests: Romance, Sleeping
Friends: Clump
Enemies: tba
Love interests: Almost all female SSF characters
First Appearance: tba

Floats is a character in Splashy Sea Friends.


Floats is a blue jellyfish who desperately wants a girlfriend. He can fall in love with almost any female character he sees, but tends to grow dangerously obsessed with them. He would do anything to cheer up or prevent losing his love interests, even if it means causing damage to them, himself or others.

Floats also gets jealous easily. While he can be friendly at times, he rarely seems to tolerate other male characters. In the event that one of his lovers/hostages interacts with another boy, Floats would likely do something gruesome to the unfortunate victim.





  • When he gets crazy, his pupils dilate (become smaller).

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