Name: Fluffy
Gender: Female
Species: Wolf
Colors: Grey
Interests: Games, cartoons, (horror) movies, series, drawing
Friends: Sharky, TBA
Enemies: Bad Monkey, TBA
Love interests: Unknown
First Appearance: Unknown

Not the be confused with Fluffy a rabbit character with the same name.

Fluffy is a fan made HTF character and GayleRainbow's self-insert OC.


Main informationEdit

Fluffy (formerly Solar Fluffy) aka Freaky is the self-insert character of GayleRainbow. Fluffy is intrested in alot of things. She loves watching movies and cartoons and mostly joins there fandoms too. She really loves horror movies (Her favorites are the movies from the saw series) and she is a huge fan of My Little Pony and Steven Universe. Fluffy has a kind personality and is pretty open-minded unless your opinion is too diffrent from her's. Fluffy also has a neagative side to her character, she can be pretty child-ish and lazy and has some problems finding out who she truly is and what she wants to do in her live. Fluffy also loves making art, but she thinks it's not that good.

Fluffy is homosexual and had some crushes but mostly on famous people, she doesn't have a crush that she personally knows.


Fluffy is a grey husky wearing a grey scarf with black stripes on it. Fluffy has purple-ish blue colored eyes and she is somewhat fatter than other HTF characters.

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