Fried Pork
Name: Fried Pork
Gender: Female
Species: Pig
Colors: Light Red
Interests: Tacos, eating, crime shows
Friends: Kitten (Usually)
Enemies: ---
Love interests: ---
First Appearance: tba


Fried Pork is a female pig that wears her ears up into "pigtails" and wears makeup. She also wears a necklace made out of flowers.

Pork is borderline obese and she is part of the "Fat Acceptance Movement" and tries to show morbid obesity as being "beautiful" and "natural". She does this by flirting with a lot of guys and dressing up "sexily". As to be expected, many guys are disgusted by her. She appears to be confident but she secretly doubts the movement as a whole, but doesn't want to leave it.

Since Pork is borderline obese and does not care, she can be seen eating unhealthily often. Sometimes she will suffer from blood clots or strokes due to eating so much salt and grease.




  • She is based on the "fat loving" side of the Social Justice Warrior community.
    • However, she is not completely crazy and she could possibly leave the movement in the future with enough convincing.
  • Her favorite foods are Tacos and Quesadillas.
  • She sometimes snorts like a real pig.
  • She is Bisexual, but tends to like guys more.

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