Halloween Fright Fest is a DVD.


The Happy Tree Friends OCs are having their own insane and crazy adventures! This dvd is packed with 15 scary Halloween episodes and tons of special content! So heat up a bag of popcorn and enjoy Fright Fest with all your favorite characters!


  • You Don't Know Jack - The Jackal terrorizes the town!
  • Quarantine - Sharpshot, Thorny, and Treads get quarantined with a deadly virus!
  • Burning Rubber - A car tire comes to life and kills the htf's in various ways.
  • Hell.exe -
  • You're Next - Flare flips out and terrorizes a friendly get together by placing traps and hunting down the friends in a remote cabin.
  • Wired - Neon begins turning into an animatronic!
  • Return to Pokeneyeout - A crazy killer romps around Camp Pokeneyeout!
  • Signs - Cuddles believes he's seen an alien...and he's right!
  • Flesh out of Luck - A group of friends get stuck in the rain forest once more!
  • Creature From the Coral Reef - Slice discovers that he can temporarily walk on land so he decides to visit the tree friends...unfortunately they aren't too used to and calm about his appearance.
  • Purge Night - Treenet declares that for one night, all crime is legal. Find out how Smiles and Gary survive the night!
  • Back from the Dead - Sticky makes a miraculous recovery, but she isn't the same...
  • Square - A group of characters find themselves trapped in a cube full of traps.
  • Blackout! - The tree friends panic when the sun turns completely black and Sniffles struggles to find a logical explanation while the town is attacked by monsters.


  • Commentary from the creators.
  • Storyboards
  • Blurbs!
  • Halloween Costume collection.



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