From Bath to Worse
Season: 1
Writer: Spongebobfan123
Length: 1:20
Death Count: 1

From Bath to Worse is a fan episode. This episode marks Gloomy's first starring role.





Gloomy is seen in his house, looking rather depressed. He walks into his kitchen and takes a toaster off the shelf. He then fills up his bathtub with water and, sits in the water with the toaster, hoping to electrocute himself.

He hears a knock on the door but ignores it. Curious as to why no one is opening the door, Opal finds that the door is unlocked. She walks inside Gloomy's house, and shrieks when she sees Gloomy trying to kill himself.

Without thinking, Opal runs over to the bath tub and fumbles with the toaster. Unfortunately, she submerges the Toaster under water, where it severely electrocutes her, but only slightly shocks Gloomy. Saddened, Gloomy sinks down below the water as the episode ends.


  • Opal is electrocuted.

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