Glacial is a fanmade Next Gen Oc created by User:Shiny Snivy. She is apart of Purpleverse.

Name: Glacial
Gender: Female
Species: Parakeet
Colors: White/Light Blue
Interests: French culture, spray millet, finding where she came from
Friends: Arai
Enemies: TBA
Love interests: Arai (one-sided)
First Appearance: TBA

Personality Edit

Glacial loves socializing, and being around people. She's good at making friends, and has many. Glacial is well-known among her age group, and loves the attention. The bird has many friends to keep her mind off of the many questions she has about her background and the whereabouts of her parents.

Relationships Edit

With Mime Edit

Glacial loves her adoptive father, and spends a lot time with him. However, he doesn't know of her parent's whereabouts, so he can't help her find them.

Trivia Edit

  • She is 16 years old
  • Glacial is based off of the creator's last parakeet named Snoflake

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