Name: Glider
Gender: Female
Species: Bat
Colors: Dark Blue
Interests: Flying, Painting
Friends: ---
Enemies: ---
Love interests: Lifty
First Appearance: tba


Glider is a rather shy and meek character who won't speak up much and tends to stay alone. She prefers to be in the safety of her own house or at least familiar places, then go to new places. The reason for this being that she has a very weak heart and easily suffers from heart attacks if scared. This is ironic considering that she is a very dark bat.

She has no issues though, with being open and talking to her closest friends, but when she is around new people, she often doesn't know what to do and gets anxiety. Lots of characters don't know what to make of her silence and misjudge her.





  • Glider also does not leave her house because she gets lost very easily.
  • She lacks a stomach marking.
  • Unlike most bats, her vision is completely fine.

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