Name: Grant
Gender: Male
Species: Bear/Flying Squirrel hybrid
Colors: Blue, Dark green
Interests: Karate, defeating enemies
Friends: Tom
Enemies: Chipper
Mason (rival)
Love interests: Rosaline
First Appearance: TBA
Grant is a fanmade Next Gen Oc created by User:Shiny Snivy. He is apart of Purpleverse.

Personality Edit

Grant is pretty shy, and mostly keeps to himself. He isn't easily angered, unlike his siblings, and his family glad for that, since the worst of his powers are activated by anger. Grant doesn't like hurting anyone, and ironically his job has to do with using force to stop robbers and other enemies.

Relationships Edit

With Flippy Edit

Grant gets along good with Flippy, and they rarely fight. They mainly train together, and spend leisure time together sometimes.

With Splendid Edit

Their relationship is alright, and could use some work. Though Splendid is the one who taught Grant how to fly, he still doesn't fully trust Splendid to help him control his powers.

With Ambrose Edit

Grant and Amy have a complicated relationship. They love each other one minute, then are fighting the next. Ambrose is one of the only members of his family that Grant fights with.

With Arai Edit

To the surprise of everyone, Arai and Grant have a strong brother-brother relationship. Arai protects Grant, while Grant gives good advice to his foul-mouthed twin.

Trivia Edit

  • He is 17 years old
  • He was born on February 7th
  • Grant's only superpower can be, as stated earlier, only activated by anger. The power itself is some kind of "magic", so to say, that surrounds his paws and makes a "sizzling" sound.The more it sizzles, the greater the effect the power will have.The "magic" is known to be a light blue color, and was dubbed "Kurakkuru" by his twins.

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