Name: Groundy
Gender: Male
Species: Beaver
Colors: Purple
Interests: TV, Hiking, River Rafting
Friends: Pinky
Enemies: tba
Love interests:  ???
First Appearance: tba


Groundy is a Purple beaver who wears a Dark Blue jacket and black pants. He is 2nd cousins to Toothy.

While Groundy shares almost the same appearance as Toothy, the two are quite different. Groundy is pretty active and likes hiking on mountains, while Toothy likes video games and pranking people. Groundy on his own is more mature than Toothy and he is pretty healthy as well, rarely eating sweets or candy.

Personality-wise, Groundy is shy but he warms up to new people quickly. He likes talking to others and suggesting ideas to help them with their problems.






  • He is Bisexual.
  • He was adopted from and drawn by user AuroraFlaky

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