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Halloween Horror Haunt is a special DVD that contains Halloween themed episodes not seen in the regular seasons, along with a few bonus ones.



Writers Parody NamesEdit

The creators have a few parody names for the Halloween season. They include...

  • AuroraFlaky: HorrorFlaky
  • Captian Sans Nightmare:
  • Spongebobfan123:
  • HTForever333:
  • TreeFriendUser111: SpookyTreeUser, TreeFriendUser666
  • LarryLikesRaccoons: LarryIsMissing, LarryLikesGhosts


  1. Soft Skin- a popular local clothing store that produces clothing, however all the materials they use for the clothing was once part of a living tree friend.
  2. I Was an Avian Zombie - A (undecided bird character) accidentally comes across a radioactive waste spill. The results; deadly. (TFU111)
  3. Eastend - DarkFire, Sharpshot, and Xyloid go to an extreme theme-park where anything goes!
  4. Hateslave - A sharp change in Sharky's personality causes Lapis and a few other tree friends to worry...
  5. (WarSoldier555)
  6. (Title tba) - Sharky and a few friends make the very bad mistake to venture into Blair's woods...
  7. LiFt-E - In a strange series of events, Lifty flips out and starts a killing spree. It's up to Flaky and Scratches to figure out why...
  8. Arriving - Weird alien ships start landing around town and no one knows what they are.
  9. Follow The Leader - Salty has founded a religious cult with numerous members. The members will listen to her, and will do anything she wants them to do.
  10. Gaylerainbow
  11. Hybrid Havoc - After Joey travels into the future, he returns with a lot of trauma...and weapons.
  12. Tree Town Coleslaw Massacre - A vegan is fed up with the town eating meat and decides to give animals the retribution they deserve.
  13. TBA - HTForever333

Next Gen EpisodesEdit

  1. AuroraFlaky
  2. Scary-normal Activity - (SBF)
  3. LLR
  4. TFU111
  5. LLR

Extra EpsEdit

  1. Alone at Sea - Lapis tries to relax out on the Ocean...unfortunately her mind has other plans...
  3. Without a Hitch (HTForever333)

Special FeaturesEdit

Title CardsEdit

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