Name: Hidey
Gender: Male
Species: Virus
Colors: Light Blue
Interests: Staying inside, being safe from danger
Friends: Scrawly
Enemies: tba
Love interests:  ???
First Appearance: tba

Hidey is a character in Unicellular Organism Friends.


Hidey is a small light blue virus that enjoys hiding and taking residence in small nooks and crannies. Because of this he enjoys infecting the lungs. He has multiple arms and can crawl around very easily.

He is very very shy and often hides because he has a social phobia. Other characters are sometimes seen trying to help him make more friends or make him face his fears which usually results in disaster.

Actual VirusEdit

The actual virus behaves somewhat the same way, it infects the lungs and causes the infected person to have difficulty breathing.





  • He was used in a previous series from another Wiki called "Mini Micro Friends".

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